Lower Eyelid Lift & Facial Fat Grafting

As we age, the upper face, forehead and beneath the eyes become the prominent areas in which are aging becomes evident. While many individuals can go years with a strong jawline, and a sharp chin, that prevents patients from exhibiting too many visible sings of aging, the eye area can be a dead giveaway, as it is often the most common area effected by a condition known as facial volume loss. Facial volume loss is a fairly common issue amongst aging patients, that is known to occur in areas all over the face and hands – making it far easier for visible wrinkles and fine lines to become prominent. In recent years however, many top plastic surgeons, including Dr. Richard Swift, a facial fat grafting specialist, have devised a combination procedure that allows patients to take years off their face by improving the appearance of both the lower eyelid and the under-eye hallows. As the face loses much needed volume and fatty tissue, the first area to show it becomes the under-eye are, giving the face a somewhat old, weathered, sunken-in look in and around the area. In addition, as this happens the lower eyelid has a tendency to appear elongated with a very noticeable hollow lid-cheek junction at the lower orbital rim. Additionally, some of the remaining fat loses its support and descends lower in the face leading to prominent nasolabial folds and jowls. In addition, the problem is that when it comes to lower eyelid surgery NYC surgeons will often have to reduce orbital fat pockets – this will eliminate the bulging appearance that is common with eyelid issues. However, this will also create an even more sunken-in appearance for the patient as lower eyelid is now contributing to the sunken look. Learn more about how advancements in plastic surgery have allowed us to now go around such an issue – using a new method of eyelid surgery NYC surgeons like Dr. Richard Swift are championing.

When it comes to eyelid and facial rejuvenation all too often, doctors will recommend the use of injectable dermal fillers as they are able to help fill the area that’s missing from the loss of facial volume over the years. However, while injectable dermal fillers are great, the use of facial fat grafting has begun to gain a lot more favor in recent years amongst patients as they feel it offers them far more natural looks than using any other method. In addition, when it comes to eyelid surgery NYC surgeons like Dr. Swift are able to blend the facial fat grafting with the lower eyelid area – this ensures that the loss of volume and eyelid lift surgery do not produce any additional hollows, but are actually able to fill the area and take years off of a patient’s face.

According to Dr. Swift, the top plastic surgeon NYC has to offer, this method of eyelid rejuvenation (lower lid blepharoplasty) focuses on blending the lid cheek junction by adding volume to the hollow in the thin lid-cheek junction below the orbital fat pockets. This is accomplished utilizing micro fat grafting technique with a blunt microcannula. Additionally, fat is often placed in the lateral cheek and tear trough region allowing volume restoration and blending of the lid cheek junction. The deflated skin envelope becomes re inflated helping to lift the nasolabial fold, making it look less prominent. A very small amount (2-3 mm) of redundant skin under the lash line is then removed and the underlying lax muscle is tightened by anchoring it to the lateral orbital rim. Taking up the laxity in the muscle also helps further blend and smooth the lid-cheek junction, similar to pulling a lax bed sheet taught and using an injectable dermal filler, but far smoother and with a more natural result. The procedure is safe and has less complications than traditional lower lid blepharoplasty as the deep tissues (orbital fat pockets) are unaltered leading to less scaring, bleeding and bruising. Plus, the best part is that the top plastic surgeon NYC has in practice, Dr. Swift, is able to perform this procedure, fairly simply, outpatient, under local anesthesia with little to no discomfort for the patient.

Plus, the fact that we are essentially using the patient’s own fat for the facial rejuvenation of the under-eye hollows, has a number of other benefits as opposed to just using injectable dermal fillers. According to Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon NYC has to offer, the added fat will contain stem cell that will lead to a far smoother, softer, more supple overall skin quality – complete with a far more youthful appearance and glow. Also, even better is the fact that the results will last longer, and with less of a chance of developing hyperpigmentation issues down the line. To learn more about this method of under-eye rejuvenation and eyelid lift, be sure to contact Dr. Richard Swift today.