4 Secret Benefits of the Facelift You May Not Have Known

With the plastic surgery industry as a whole having undergone a number of advancements over the past two to three decades, patients across the world are considering surgical enhancement far more than ever before. With such amazing advancements, not only have more advantageous procedures come about but everything from patient safety to surgical methodology has seen some of the best and brightest levels of reform in surgical history. This has prompted patients who might have only been interested in minimally-invasive techniques, to now be far more willing to go under the knife, especially with the guidance of an experienced surgeon such as Dr. Richard Swift, MD, considered to be the best facelift surgeon NYC has to offer. And when it comes to facial surgery NYC doctors are now using far more artful, and elegant techniques that not only have made safety a top priority, but ensured that patients are able to see results that are for more natural, yet aesthetically-pleasing than ever before. Rather than just performing the same old cookie-cutter facial surgery NYC surgeons are now able to take patient’s other features into account much more – making sure that they not only perform a quality facelift but that the procedure is tailored specifically to the patient’s face and keeps all the patient’s features in a harmony with one another and adheres to specific ratios that ensure a natural, far less “overdone” appearance.

As per Dr. Swift, the best facelift surgeon NYC has in practice, a facelift (sometimes known as a rhytidectomy) is a surgical procedure, designed to improve the visible signs of aging in the face and neck. The facelift should be thought of as a one-stop-shop for facial rejuvenation, as depending on the patient’s needs, it can address areas including your lower face, jawline, neck, and more – while simultaneously improving the appearance of areas like the nose, ears, and mouth, just by improving the patient’s overall facial harmony. While patients are still learning about the additional benefits possible as a result of a properly done facelift, here are some interesting benefits that most patients simply aren’t aware of.

·         Relieves Multiple Signs of Aging at Once!

Aging is something none of can escape, as the clock keeps ticking, our cells and tissue continue to get older and older. The fact is however, that while in years past a facelift could truly only address the lower face, chin and neck – today’s facelifts can help patients relieve multiple signs of aging at once. The most common sources of such aging, whether it is premature or not, include age, gravity, sun damage, smoking, heredity, stress, poor diet or hydration, and an overall skincare regimen and poor lifestyle.Modern facelift procedures aim to restore multiple signs of aging sustained over the years by removing excess skin, tightening underlying tissue and muscle, and then re-draping the remaining skin for a smoother and tighter appearance to the face and neck. With this newer style of facial surgery NYC surgeons can address common issues such as:

o   Loose, sagging skin around the cheeks, jawline, neck and more.

o   Nasolabial Folds – Wrinkles or lines that extend from the nose to the outer corners of the mouth.

o   A double chin and loose jowls.

o   Loss of facial volume or sub-dermal fat that reduces the presence of wrinkles.

o   Marionette Lines – Lines that go from the corners of the mouth down to the chin – similar to a marionette doll.

·         Newly Designed Facelifts Just for Men!

The fact is that in decades past, the facelift was far more tailored towards a woman’s face than a man’s face. This is why men that got facelifts years ago, would often have a somewhat feminine appearance, with far softer features and a less rugged, masculine look. However, with an increased demand over the past few years, surgeons like Dr. Swift, the best facelift surgeon NYC men look to for facial surgery, the procedure has taken into account the larger neck and jaw width of a man. In addition, its far less about having a tighter, super thin lower face and mouth area, but rather a stronger mouth and chin area that gives men a stronger, almost “tougher” jawline – while helping them to remove the same amount of unwanted, loose, sagging skin.

·         Combine with Additional Procedures for Best Results!

Interestingly, when it comes to having the best overall facelift, many surgeons will recommend combining it with other procedures. Depending on the patient’s needs for facial surgery NYC surgeons will recommend patients undergo procedures such as a brow lift, eyelid surgery, a neck lift, and more. This is the case because it not only allows patients to reach more of an area and offer more correction, but it also means that doctors can correct other areas of the face without having to make more incisions and prep the patient for further surgery moving forward.

·         No More Surgical Scars!

One of the biggest deterrents to patients in years past was the fact that there would be a host of surgical scars they would have to deal with. However, with recent advancements in surgery and safety technique, ensure that patients will end up with far fewer surgical scars, and a much more natural appearance. Often surgical scars that must be shown long term, will be put behind the ears, or along the hairline – making them nearly impossible to see.

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