I’ve had a scar on my chin since a childhood car accident. It makes me extremely self-conscious since it’s the first thing people have always seen on my face. I contacted Dr. Richard Swift and during my consult he recommended a graft and the use of some dermal fillers. Its been a month after surgery and I’m healing up great! Dr. Swift was really helpful and so was his staff. Not to mention his work is amazing.
Daniel B.

Growing up I was always made fun of because of my tiny chin. It doesn’t sound like much, but it affected by image of myself as I never though I was as pretty as other girls. I was recommended to Dr. Richard Swift by a colleague of mine who knew how much this affected me. Its been almost 8 months after my chin implant procedure, and I see a tremendous difference. It made my chin a lot more noticeable, and even makes my entire face look thinner and more contoured.
Rachel Z.

I recently underwent a facial fat grafting procedure by Dr. Richard Swift and I am extremely happy with my results. After an accident I had a few noticeable depressions in my face, they looked like the worst wrinkles imaginable. And as a 22-year-old man not something that was common. He recommended I try fat grafting. They took some excess fat from my mid-thigh and carefully filled my facial depressions. Its only been a week or so, but I can see a huge difference. The procedure went great and I owe so much to Dr. Swift.
Leon F.

Love Dr. Swift, I’m a regular at his practice and must say his work is amazing, I see why his reputation is what it is! The staff is also really helpful, and always working with me to schedule or reschedule appointments, I’ve shopped around a bit in my life for cosmetic procedures, and by ​far​ Dr. Richard Swift has the best run office, and he’s just a great doctor!
Linda T.

Genetically I have always had heavy bags and dark circles beneath my eyes. And was looking around for solutions. I’ve tried every cream, every ointment, and every miracle serum that was supposed to work, no difference. I finally decided on surgery as an option but was always scared of the prospect. I had a consult with Dr. Swift, he was so sweet. Put me at ease about how easy a blepharoplasty treatment would be and how he could make a world of difference. This was over one year ago, and I have never looked better. I am a patient of Dr. Swift’s for life!
Annabelle D.

Dr. Swift’s office is down the street from my home, and I was so used to seeing him online! I had been considering a facelift for some time, as I was unhappy with wrinkles and the age on my face. Looking back, it was the best decision of my life going with Dr. Swift! He’s the nicest man and makes everything easy, his staff is wonderful as well. Helping me every step of the way.
Ina C.

I had gotten a rhinoplasty from another doctor, won’t name names, but it was terribly done, and I was unable to breath properly from my nose for over 8 months. I was recommended to Dr. Swift and he took care of everything! Completely reconstructed my nose, fixing the mistakes made by the other doctor and made it so I can breathe easy, so happy to be under his care!
Rita Q.