3 Reasons Facelifts Have Become More Popular Amongst Younger Patients

For the most part, when we think of a facelift patient, we traditionally will think of an older woman – somewhere in her mid-to-late 50’s, suffering from every type of wrinkle in the book. From those marionette lines that look like their mouth in the middle of a parenthesis, nasolabial folds – extending from the nose to the chin, parallel lines on the forehead, crows feet at the corners of the eyes, to the overall loss of facial volume along the face – essentially the source of the majority of wrinkles and blemishes along an aging individual’s face and body. However, in recent years, according to Dr. Richard Swift, considered to be the best facelift surgeon Midtown Manhattan has to offer, more and more younger women are getting into the facelift craze than ever before! While it might sound crazy to some, and a bit of waste to others, the fact is that more and more women are having facelifts done in their early-to-mid 30’s and 40’s – and with these numbers increasing every single year, its safe to say its no longer just a statistical aberration and actually looking like its becoming the norm and what we should expect to be the case. When you ask any facelift specialist NYC patients actually have done some solid thinking on the subject and in fact, the vast majority of them aren’t even just some rich kids throwing around their daddy’s money. In fact, many of these women are smart, intelligent people who have saved up for such a procedure, while identifying a number of solid reasons for why they have chosen to undergo such a procedure. Without further ado, here are a few interesting reasons why more young patients are choosing to have facelifts done than ever before.

·         Young, Spry Skin with the Ability to Bounce Back!

To be honest, this is probably one of the smartest reasons why young patients are choosing to have facelifts in their 30’s as opposed to their 50’s – simply because they can almost guarantee their results will be far closer to perfect than any other patient’s much older than them. This is because of two vital skincare proteins that begin to leave the body as we age, collagen and elastin! Collagen is a protein that makes up the majority of our skin’s inner connective tissue and is responsible for keeping our skin, soft, smooth, supple, while naturally helping us to rejuvenate our skin by exfoliating away the dead, dull, aging skin off from the skin’s surface and replenishing it with newly generated, far more youthful skin cells. Also, elastin is a huge benefit to this, as with high elastin stores, it makes sure the patient’s skin is springy, and elastic in texture – with the ability to bounce back from being pulled or stretched too much. As a facelift specialist NYC surgeon Dr. Richard Swift, has probably never been able to perform a facelift in which the skin was actually working with him as opposed to against him! This means that the procedure will have the added benefit of these proteins working alongside it to ensure the best results possible.

·         Catching Issues Early On!

Interestingly enough, we all have our specific skin type, tone and texture and while our skin will certainly change and advance as the years go by, the fact of the matter is that at the end of the day your skin is your skin and it will never (rarely if ever!) stray too far from its original type. In saying this according to Dr. Richard Swift, the best facelift surgeon Midtown Manhattan has in practice, it is very likely that your skin will always suffer from the same types of problems throughout your adulthood, they will simply advance and either become better or worse. This means that some patient who suffer from rosacea will likely always have to fight it in some form, patients with under-eye & cheek discoloration will likely be fighting it in some way for life. In addition, if you are someone who already had the beginnings of a double chin or jowl issues, or maybe wrinkles along your forehead and but your nose, they will likely only worsen as you age. This means that by performing a facelift and fighting these issues early on will give you a tremendous head start, that will not only help to slow down such issues – but in some cases it might even eliminate it forever.

·         Enjoy Results Longer and During Your Prime!

The fact is that the modern facelift is far more effective than that of years past, meaning that patients can enjoy very noticeably improved results for 10 to 15 years at a time. And according to Dr. Richard Swift, the best facelift surgeon Midtown Manhattan has practicing, many younger patients feel that by having a facelift done in your 30’s means that you can enjoy your newly improved, natural looking appearance throughout what many would consider, your best years – the 30’s and 40’s. In addition, this will also lessen the need for overly invasive surgery later in life, allowing some patients to go for a mere touchup instead.

The fact of the matter is that with plastic surgery becoming far safer and more popular as a whole, there will be more and more patients that are willing to take part in it. And as each successive generation is able to see the effects, and have the disposable income in order to afford it, they will do what they want to do in order to achieve the face or body they want. For more information about all types of facial surgery, be sure to contact the top facelift specialist NYC has to offer, in Dr. Richard Swift today.